Fighting for our rights

Supporting each other

Increasing Lesbian Visibility

Resisting Lesbian erasure

Our Aims


Join, campaign and vote for Labour

Stand for political and public office

Equal treatment

Make Labour a safe and welcoming party for Lesbians

Promote Lesbian equality throughout the party


Stand with our Lesbian sisters nationally and internationally

Support gender non-conforming and same–sex attracted girls

Out and Political

Who are we?

Same-sex attracted women in the Labour Party

Why have we formed Lesbian Labour?

We need a voice of our own to represent us

Celebrating two years on twitter!!

We recently celebrated our two year twittiversary! Over 8000 followers and 17 k tweets later, we’re still going strong. Give us a follow @LesbianLabour for the latest news

To our detractors

On April 20th 2021 Lesbian Labour launched our website. We received overwhelmingly positive support.

However, within our own party the reception was varied. Comments on one Facebook group were shockingly hostile. The post attracted almost 1,000 comments. Though many members spoke up and argued our case very well, the ratio of negative to positive comments was 2:1.

The responses of a group of individuals on Facebook is not necessarily indicative of attitudes across the party towards Lesbian autonomy. However, such hostility requires a very firm response. This is no way to create a welcoming space for Lesbians.

As Lesbians we have every right to self-organise and do not seek or need permission from hostile men, or women with a different point of view.

The comments levelled at us were offensive and inaccurate and made spurious unfounded allegations.

We have gone through the comments and distilled the various criticisms. Here are our answers.  

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What are we talking about...

I have been fighting for Women's rights since I was 14. It started with a school protest to get us the right to wear trousers
We went to Greenham Common and protested about Nuclear Weapons and were treated appallingly as Women. I walked to Moscow and saw how Women were treated in other countries
I'm staying unless I'm expelled

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Read the joint letter sent to #ReemAlsalem, the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences @UNSRVAW
Thank you @mbmpolicy for their vital work organising this comprehensive letter.
#ThisIsMyNo #WomenWontWeesht #GRRBill
A commitment to accept Cass Recommendations has been made by this Govt’ but it looks increasingly as though there might be a Labour Govt’ in the near future. We need to hear from @Keir_Starmer & @wesstreeting that they understand the importance of Cass & will accept the Report
The Tavistock will be replaced by two Regional Centres where the practise will be no longer be ‘affirmation without exception’. CAHMS, children’s mental health services are already overstretched & unfunded so unless there is some real investment the new GIDS could easily regress.
‘An American-style “gender affirming” treatment model zeroed in on a dysphoric child’s supposedly immutable trans soul, and gave too little weight to a patient’s more earthly issues such as psychiatric disorders, struggles with same-sex attraction, autism, or family trauma.’
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