Fighting for our rights

Supporting each other

Increasing Lesbian Visibility

Resisting Lesbian erasure

Our Aims


Join, campaign and vote for Labour

Stand for political and public office

Equal treatment

Make Labour a safe and welcoming party for Lesbians

Promote Lesbian equality throughout the party


Stand with our Lesbian sisters nationally and internationally

Support gender non-conforming and same–sex attracted girls

Out and Political

Who are we?

Same-sex attracted women in the Labour Party

Why have we formed Lesbian Labour?

We need a voice of our own to represent us

Lesbians Won't Wheesht Either!

We are adding our voices to the campaign ‘WomenWontWheesht’ and we are calling on all Lesbians and our ally’s to join in.

We are surrounding the British Isles with the intention to refuse to be silenced. Sheringham, Pembroke, Islay, Great Bernera Outer Hebrides, Edinburgh, Brighton. North, South, East, West have already had the ‘Wheesht’ treatment.

Our beach art, spell casting is taking off…Sheringham, Pembroke, Great Bernara (Outer Hebrides) Islay, Edinburgh, Brighton! Lesbians have been busy all around the British Isles surrounding the island with intent

To our detractors

On April 20th Lesbian Labour launched our website. We received overwhelmingly positive support.

However, within our own party the reception was varied. Comments on one Facebook group were shockingly hostile. The post attracted almost 1,000 comments. Though many members spoke up and argued our case very well, the ratio of negative to positive comments was 2:1.

The responses of a group of individuals on Facebook is not necessarily indicative of attitudes across the party towards Lesbian autonomy. However, such hostility requires a very firm response. This is no way to create a welcoming space for Lesbians.

As Lesbians we have every right to self-organise and do not seek or need permission from hostile men, or women with a different point of view.

The comments levelled at us were offensive and inaccurate and made spurious unfounded allegations.

We have gone through the comments and distilled the various criticisms. Here are our answers.  

Alphabet Soup - Why LGBTQI is not a thing

May 2021, and someone on Facebook has circulated a notice to elementary teachers in Ontario, Canada, offering training on inclusivity in relation to LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP.

No, my finger did not get stuck on the keyboard. This is explained by them as Lesbian, Gay, Genderqueer, Bisexual, Demisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Twospirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual and Polyamorous. This is the longest list I’ve seen so far. Stonewall is currently using LGBT (by line – ‘acceptance without exception’ and a much longer glossary of terms) but QI+ are also added by some organisations, with the list being deliberately left open- ended by the plus, leaving room for many more ‘identities’.

Identity politics are currently highly contested across all parts of the political spectrum. Part of the problem in understanding and working through these ‘debates’ is the language used and the failure to agree terms; the frequent merging and confusion around the terms sex and gender, for example, being particularly vexatious. Confusion also arises because many wildly different things are in fact being addressed collectively and, far from articulating a clear agenda, the aggregation of letters representing an ever-increasing range of life choices, preferences, orientations, sexual practices and performative gender roles is confusing and self-defeating.  Indeed, as is shown above, the number of letters appears to increase at an alarming rate, and the uncritical liberal agenda is to accept it all as somehow an expansion of cool lesbian and gay rights (‘it’s all just like Section 28’), without much thought. Underpinning that acceptance is the notion that there is a much wider definition of sex, sexuality and gender than we have previously been led to believe and that anyone who doesn’t get with it is an old-fashioned bigot.

We are Lesbians in the Labour Party from across the UK, from all walks of life and a diverse range of ages. Our common cause is the rights of Lesbians in the UK and beyond.

What are we talking about...

I have been fighting for Women's rights since I was 14. It started with a school protest to get us the right to wear trousers
We went to Greenham Common and protested about Nuclear Weapons and were treated appallingly as Women. I walked to Moscow and saw how Women were treated in other countries
I'm staying unless I'm expelled

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1 hour ago
Pronouns are not about addressing the person when they are in the room but when they are not. So this not actually about social interaction but more about controlling the workplace. Is a Pronoun Pledge legal?
LesbianLabour photo
David Bridle @Pomegranate2021
“Deeply stupid” @ForwomenScot: 'The Scottish Government is backing proposals that would ask its 8,000 workers to take a “pronoun pledge” under which they would add terms reflecting their gender identity, such as she/her or he/him, to signatures at the bottom of every work email.'
4 hours ago
Should not need to be said but #IstandwithRosieDuffield and all those who fight for women’s rights. We have a long and proud history of fighting for equality. 💪🏼💜🤍💚🌹
4 hours ago
Good question. From where we stand @UKLabour does not act like the Party of equality. It watches the number of women members decline each month and does not ask why. #LabourLosingWomen is ignored. Misogyny and sexism reigns at every level. @AnnBlackLabour
4 hours ago
When we started in 2015 it was extremely rare to see critical coverage of this subject from prominent journalists. Thank you @HJoyceGender for having the courage to write the book. Clear & accessible for a wide range of readers, it's a game-changer. Buy it if you haven't already! LesbianLabour photo
4 hours ago
It's a damn shame @UKLabour does not take complaints about misogyny and sexism seriously #SexNotGender
4 hours ago
The LSE . When I moved to London 40 years ago it was the safe place for feminism & left wing politics. Now it’s a hotbed of pure misogyny.
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