Lesbian Labour anniversary newsletter

Greetings on the first anniversary of the launch of Lesbian Labour website, marking a full year in the public gaze.

Picking up where we left off in the last newsletter, we had a busy time at autumn conferences. At FiLiA we joined in with the Women Uniting cross-party meeting, sharing woefully similar tales with our GC sisters from the other political parties. We were joined by Joanna Cherry, who has consistently spoken out about Lesbians in parliament. We also took part in a Lesbian Spaces session and have continued to network since with a very diverse group of Lesbians busy trying to set up safe Lesbian events in real life. Our stall and merchandise were there with everyone else and we were very visible due to my dual role as musician welcoming every women to conference wearing my Lesbian Labour hoody.

At the LGB Alliance conference we again placed ourselves with our sisters from the other parties and had a steady flow of sales and conversations at our stall. Sadly, at both events we heard over and over again that Labour has lost women and is certainly losing Lesbians.

We have continued to battle with the closed doors within LGBT Labour. Despite our repeated efforts they have steadfastly refused to engage with us at all. This leaves us effectively without representation in our own party. We are considered a negligible number of Lesbians who insist on maintaining our sexual boundaries and retaining the legally accurate definition of same-sex attracted females.

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