Dear Angela…


We have decided to publish our email correspondence with Angela Eagle MP since our inception. Angela is a senior Labour Party MP and a Lesbian. Yet all of the following messages from us, a group of Lesbians within the Labour Party and wider labour movement, have gone unanswered. 17 emails in three years.

We therefore publish these unanswered emails in order to draw attention to the lack of engagement from key Party members such as Angela, who purport to speak for us.

27th April 2021

LL to Angela Eagle

Dear Angela,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new campaign group for Lesbians in the Labour movement. As the most prominent out Labour politician we are hoping for your support. Please find attached our introductory leaflet which explains our aims in a nutshell, but see below for our social media links and our website which launched last week.

We have had a great response all round with almost 3000 hits on the first day.

You will find our founding statement there and lots of articles and actions and links.

It would be good to have the opportunity of a meeting with you to explain more about our plans.

Your endorsement would mean a lot to us.

Look forward to working with you to support lesbians in the party and wider labour movement.

Thank you for having held the space for so long – hopefully we can now support you.

2nd June 2021

LL to Angela Eagle

Dear Angela,

Following Labour’s supportive comments today to signal the beginning of Pride month, I am resending our request for your endorsement.

The group is attracting a lot of attention and is a clear voice for Lesbians. We look forward to speaking with you and request once again a meeting to share our views.
With Pride

Feb 3rd 2022

Dear Angela,

I am writing to express my concern at the cancellation of the event to commemorate Maureen Colquhoun. Cancel culture has no place in the Labour party. Helen Lewis is a respected journalist and writer and was invited based on her knowledge of Maureen’s life. Her opinions on any other subject are her own and she has a right to hold them.

This is clear example of why we need an organisation to promote Lesbians.

Lesbian Labour wrote to you upon our formation and several times since asking to meet. We have met a brick wall and have also been told by LGBT Labour that they will not work with us. In addition we have been refused Friends of Labour status based on the premise that an affiliate organisation already exists and that having us a Friends of Labour would be duplication. This is a vicious circle.

Our group represents Lesbians in the Labour party and wider Labour movement. We request a seat at the table.

Please respond. We have a growing number of followers and there are a lot of Lesbians who also feel unrepresented by umbrella groups.

Paula Boulton

Feb 13th 2022

Dear Angela,

Please can you find the time to send the email to the UNHCR about the situation of Lesbians in the Kakuma refugee camp? The conditions for all the inhabitants of Block 13 are dire but we campaign for Lesbians.
In addition to the addresses in the attached email there are also the following addresses

Paula Boulton

April 27th 2022

Dear Angela,

Still hopeful that you will grant us at least a conversation about Lesbians in the party who are not represented by LGBT Labour who refuse to speak to us.

We have had a very successful first year and would very much like to have some dialogue.

Please arrange a meeting with us.

In solidarity,

Paula Boulton

June 30th 2022

Dear Anneliese, Keir and Angela,

As Pride month comes to an end I wanted to share with you what Lesbian Labour has been doing to celebrate Lesbians.

I interviewed 17 random Lesbians to ask them about their perspectives and lives and each interviewee was asked about party politics. I invite you to listen to the reality presented here.

There has been an overwhelming response and many more Lesbians have come forward to share their stories.

I have sent them to the BBC LGBT correspondent Lauren Moss.

There are some very explicit messages to Labour. One after the other speaks of being politically homeless, lifelong Labour voters who do not feel able to vote Labour currently. We need to do better for Lesbians . Please listen.

Perhaps one place to start would be for Keir and Angela to respond to Lesbian Labour who have had all our correspondence ignored for over a year.

Anneliese – thanks for engaging with us. Hopefully this will save you all the bother of a focus group.

Paula Boulton

Sept 14th 2022

Dear Anneliese and Angela,

Can you please ensure that the LGBT panel at conference acknowledges that they do not include anyone from Lesbian Labour or any other organisation which supports the legal definition of sexual-orientation?

The continued refusal to discuss the importance of retaining same-sex, not same-gender as the definition of homosexuality is not acceptable.

Anneliese – you have met us and engaged with us.  We need someone to break through the no debate stance on this issue and to be honest enough to acknowledge that the LGBT+ organisations are not fully representative.

Angela – you have continued to ignore us as you physically did outside the conference hall last year. I did speak to Maria Exall at the time and she took my details with a promise to speak. Despite repeated attempts to contact her since there has been no progress.

Neither has LGBT+ Labour shifted on its refusal to engage with us.

Surely you must realise by now, when Lesbians were removed from Cardiff Pride over August bank holiday for stating their sexual boundaries, and LGB Alliance is this week defending itself in court for being a pro LGB organisation – that this issue HAS TO BE GRASPED.

It cannot be ignored out of existence.

We don’t expect a place on the panel. But for at least one speaker to acknowledge that there is a problem in the LGBT community as not everyone is in agreement about the replacement of sex by gender identity and the subsequent knock-on effects for sexual orientation.

This position is deeply homophobic and the public are finally listening. Mermaids was trending on twitter yesterday. One can discount twitter as an echo chamber. But this is not a disgruntled few people.

We want to work with you all. There are now a multiplicity of organisations focusing on gender identity and gender reassignment. All we are asking is that there be organisations which focus on sexual orientation.

Yours ever hopefully

Paula Boulton

Jan 17th 2023

Dear Angela,

If you are free tomorrow between 5 and 6 perhaps you would like to drop in

to committee room 2 where Baroness Nicholson has arranged to meet Lesbians and representatives of Lesbian organisations.

As such a prominent out Lesbian parliamentarian it would be useful for you to hear what other Lesbians are saying about the reality of their lives.

Paula Boulton

Jan 26th 2023

Dear Angela,

I am writing to invite you to attend our Lesbian Not Criminal tour on Wed 16th Feb in central London in the evening.

Would you be free to attend?

If so, I will send further details.

The event is a joint venture between Lesbian Labour and LGB Alliance who are supporting Norwegian Artist and Lesbian Tonje Gjevjon in her campaign.

There will be a panel of speakers, Q and A, Music and performance and socialising.

I do hope you will join us

Paula Boulton

Feb 8th 2023

Dear Angela and Anneliese,

We wanted to invite you to come to our London meeting on 16th February where we are hosting Norwegian Lesbian Tonje Gjevjon, who stands to be criminalised for stating facts about Lesbian reality.

Countries where self ID has been adopted, and biological sex-based reality has been replaced by ideological gender identity, generally enact hate crime laws which criminalise those who state that Lesbians are women.

You would be most welcome.

Paula Boulton

March 5th 2023

Dear all,

Please read this report. It explains very clearly the loss of Lesbian only spaces and the extent to which we are being affected.

As we repeatedly point out, the need to gather with others who share one’s protected characteristic is a cultural necessity and should be uncontroversial.

Without any impact assessment on how self ID affects homosexuality this issue has slipped under the radar.

We would be very happy to discuss this further.

Paula Boulton

April 28th 2023

Dear all,

It is not too late to acknowledge Lesbian Visibility. If the agreed target audience for voters is middle-aged women you will find a good few Lesbians and Lesbian allies in that group.

So for no other reason than to encourage voters – please rectify the silence on Lesbian Visibility Day by sending out a message to your same-sex attracted adult human female supporters by the end of the week.

I gave a speech in London recently to a hall full of Lesbians, and when I mentioned the Labour Party there was an audible groan. I reflected that not so long ago one could have expected a cheer. Then I asked for a show of hands as to how many Labour members there were in the audience. Four hands went up. I then asked for a show of hands as to who HAD been in the Labour party and the rest of the room raised their hands.

I have conveyed this information to the party previously.

Labour is losing Lesbians and knowing what a woman is and that women loving women are Lesbians is a simple message to put out there. As is the fact that Labour understands that SEXUAL orientation is based on SEX not Gender Identity.

I look forward to some positive support for lesbians from Labour.

Paula Boulton

June 12th 2023

Dear Angela,

I request again that you agree to meet Lesbian Labour.

Having just heard you repeat again your views on this issue which opened with you not accepting the reality that many of us are experiencing.

We are not making up the take-over of dating apps.

We are not making up Stonewall’s redefinition of homosexuality

We understand the threat from the right – but that should not prevent us facing the problems arising from forced teaming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

This denial of the plurality of views and experience between Lesbians can surely now be put to one side?

So please do arrange to have a conversation with Lesbian Labour.

Paula Boulton

September 27th 2023

Dear Angela,

Would you be good enough to send us a statement that can be read out at our fringe meeting outlining the Labour Party’s position on homosexuality and sexual orientation as a protected characteristic?

Lesbian Labour, The Gay Men’s Network and LGB Alliance are meeting to come up with a charter of what Labour needs to do to regain the trust of the LGB community and get people to vote and secure a Labour government.

The silence on this issue is really troubling. It looks as if Labour still follow Stonewall and that does them no favours as Stonewall have redefined homosexuality as attraction based on gender not sex.

I know you have a very clear view on this. If it is that of the party then we need to know that.

Paula Boulton

Oct 10th 2023

Dear Angela,

Thankyou for the information you gave people about the appalling treatment of LGBT people in a growing number of African countries during yesterday’s panel.

I did have my hand up to ask you whether the APPG is able to bring any diplomatic or political pressure to bear on the UNHCR about the mistreatment of the Block 13 residents in the Kakuma refugee camp.

Lesbian Labour fundraise to send money to a group of Lesbians in the camp. Reginah Kyazikah, our main contact, was in touch with me last week about the worsening conditions.

No matter how often anyone writes to UNHCR, there is never any response.

We did manage to get the BBC to cover a situation earlier in the year but it seems impossible to make any progress and they are losing heart and hope.

[10/6, 12:05] Reginah: Oh dear am sorry to here that the lesbians in Australia are not allowed to meet without men, here things are so horrible the situation is not yet stable and we are still facing the same challenges

[10/6, 12:05] Reginah: Daily attacks and killings are too many now

Paula Boulton

Lesbian Labour

January 10th 2024

Dear Anneliese and Angela,

In the absence of any response from either of you to repeated requests to meet, I am sending you this short video which was made of the speeches at our fringe meeting in Liverpool.

Please find 2.5 minutes to listen. This is a real and valid concern.

In solidarity

Paula Boulton

April 26th 2024

Greetings comrades on Lesbian Visibility Day,

Since you publicly proclaim that you stand with Lesbians

“today and everyday”, can you all check your email inboxes and reply to the many unanswered emails from Lesbian Labour?

We speak on behalf of those Kate Osborne believes are a minority who maintain that Lesbians are exclusively same-sex attracted adult human females.

There are a lot of us – but because no-one engages with us you can stay in your ivory towers and believe we are an awkward minority. (30 grassroots organisations)

Even were that to be the case – we are entitled to be heard.

The conversation is not going away – and neither are we, which is what I said to Angela Eagle when she walked away from me refusing to talk to me at the reception for Labour Women’s Conference in 2023.

Especially now that the Cass report has proved our concerns about the number of young lesbians – 87% – being put on an irreversible medical pathway rather than encouraged to accept themselves.

We also have links with Lesbian detransitioners.

It is time to talk.

We are willing to engage, are you?

Paula Boulton


Our thoughts on the Publication of the Cass Report


Lesbian Labour welcomes the Cass review final report and hopes it will now guide Labour to listen and act on evidence instead of to continue to follow the Stonewall script.
We have further questions to the government and all those who have sat back whilst this medical scandal unfolded, and to those who have criticised and vilified those of us asking the right questions and speaking out.
Why did it take so long? Look at the damage done in the meantime. At Labour conference in 2018 when we nobbled Dawn Butler about rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) and the recent >5000% rise in referrals of girls for treatment at the Tavistock, we suggested that Labour investigate. She said it was probably due to increased awareness. No Dawn, social contagion driven by a well-funded, ideologically-motivated movement aimed at creating lifelong patients for the medical industrial complex. Follow the money. In the 6 years since, entire families have been destroyed, the seeds of doubt have been sown in a whole generation of children so that they don’t know what is true any more, nor who to believe, nor who to trust.
This report has had to start from the premise that these children need to be taken seriously. It is based on accepting the premise that there is such a thing as “gender dysphoria/distress”. The recommendations that spring from that starting point will go a long way to preventing further damage.
However, the state capture on this issue, especially in education, health and law, means that it is virtually impossible to fix.
This has been, and continues to be a huge medical scandal. As Dr Cass points out, a staggering 89% of teenage girls and 81% of teenage boys involved in the GIDS clinic, were either homosexual or bisexual. It is an ongoing eugenics experiment which targets Lesbians, Gays and autistic youth. Social engineering.
Can there now be an enquiry about social influencing and how ideology spreads?
One of our team, a playwright said, “For me it was simple. I noticed the phenomenon and did what I always do when researching for a new play. I invite you to do the same. Pretend you are a 13 year old girl who is unsure how she feels about becoming a woman. Type a question into Google and go down the rabbit hole. I dare you. I know that from the moment I did that I have had no doubt about social contagion.”
As a society, we need to work out how to build critical thinking and resilience in our children so that they can think for themselves and withstand and refuse the pressure to conform to whatever the next iteration of this will be.
Also – can we look at why girls might genuinely want to escape from girlhood and womanhood? More resources to look at that, which underpins this whole ROGD. A porn-addled society where rape goes largely unpunished, where women are still treated as second-class citizens and sex-objects, paid less, expected to submit to patriarchal standards, where the phallus is king…is it any wonder that girls want to explore the option to become the dominant sex?
We applaud Dr Cass’s excellent work. But the next steps need to begin and they need to begin immediately.

Lesbian Labour responds to Angela Eagle

We have written to Angela Eagle to respond to some of her comments made during LGBT Labour’s fringe event at the Labour Party Conference, Monday 2nd October, 14:00

 “There is no such thing as gender ideology”

Gender ideology does exist and there are academic sociologists who have specialised in its study [1] dating back to the 1930s. However, like so many terms, its meaning has been expanded in recent years. Not least, it is now used as shorthand for “…gender identity ideology, the idea that what it is to be a woman/female (man/male) is to identify as a woman/female (man/male), and that this subjective identification supersedes facts about sex class membership” (Holly Lawford-Smith, Gender-Critical Feminism, OUP 2022). Or as Jane Clare Jones (2023) writes: “a belief system… the core claim of which is that being a man or a woman is a matter of gender identity rather than biological sex” (in Sex and Gender, Alice Sullivan & Selina Todd, Routledge).

It is our contention that these definitions capture the fundamental belief of those who maintain that everyone has an inner ‘gender identity’ that can override the sex they are registered at birth. To suggest that there is no such thing as a gender ideology calls into question why trans rights are advanced so frequently and often to the exclusion of LGB rights. If there is no such thing, why is it so important to you to reiterate its existence?

It also calls into question what queer theory is all about, if there is no gender ideology.

“Inclusive RSE materials in schools are being presented as unsuitable. This is not true.”

Miriam Cates, a Tory MP has raised the issues around the unregulated nature of RSE material in schools, often ‘taught’ by non professionals who claim incorrectly, to be approved by OFSTED. In your speech you said her comments were untrue. The following quote from @SaferSchoolsAlliance refers to one such organisation, Educate and Celebrate, funded by Durham County Council and operating in Primary and Secondary Schools across County Durham.

The CEO of Educate and Celebrate, Elly Barnes, promotes a particular agenda, unquestioningly accepting trans ideology and calling for teachers to “smash heteronormativity“. Any school signing up to her organisation is, de facto, also promoting this agenda. Dr Barnes’ advice for schools who think that parents may not appreciate this is to tell them to be secretive about what they are teaching children. This is an anti-safeguarding approach and antithetical to the best interests of children.

We could have chosen any one of several organisations operating in schools across the United Kingdom where teachers, already overburdened with teaching the national curriculum, have outsourced RSE lessons to unregulated providers who are, in the main, transgender activists who do not base their material on science or fact. Parents quite rightly have started to question why they are not allowed to see the material used or why their objections to their child possibly being ‘born in the wrong body’ have often been met with silence from teachers. We have no doubt there is a similar organisation operating in schools in your constituency and we are surprised you have not been approached by unhappy parents wanting to discuss their concerns. 

“Books are being removed from libraries which is tantamount to book burning.”

Apparently you are questioning the recent publicity about particular books being removed from Public Libraries.

These posts are from X (screenshot below) and as you are a regular contributor to the platform we are surprised you were not aware that women across the country have discovered books written by Helen Joyce, Kathleen Stock, Hannah Barnes and others have been removed from shelves in Public Libraries. Women were asked to check if the Libraries in their areas had also removed books and many found they had. The idea that books containing factual information, based on thorough research and sound evidence, should not be available because they might upset someone flies in the face of free speech. 

Some Libraries admitted that books written by the authors named were not on open display and would have to be requested. Other Libraries have not responded to requests for information.

“We can only move forward by making connections”

We established Lesbian Labour three years ago and one of the first things we did was write to the Chair of LGBT+Labour asking for a meeting so we could talk about the experience of Lesbians who were suffering discrimination and homophobia. The response we got was rude and made it clear there would be no meeting. We have contacted LGBT+Labour at other times since but have never received a reply. Lesbian Labour has emailed you, firstly three years ago when we asked if you would be our patron and at regular intervals since. We have never received a reply to any of our emails and when one of our members met you at Conference you made it clear you strongly objected to these emails and had no intention of responding. You referred to the member of Lesbian Labour as “anti-trans” and turned your back on her. So who is it you would like to connect with? We understand from other Gay and LGB Groups that you have also refused to meet them too. Is this a permissible response for a parliamentary representative?

“There are those who seek to divide. They are a tiny minority”

We suggest it is you who seek to divide, as per our above response to “We can only move forward by making connections”. We seek to clarify and uphold single sex and same-sex protections, where relevant to our lives, a position deemed worthy of respect in a democratic society by a UK employment tribunal – but not worthy of respect in the Labour Party, it seems.

Voicing concerns about the impact of gender identity upon single-sex services is not seeking to divide. Objecting to rapists being housed in women’s prisons is not seeking to divide. Wishing to speak openly and honestly about male-bodied people in women’s sports or men in Lesbian spaces is not seeking to divide. Empathising with orthodox Jewish and conservative Muslim women who are excluded by faith from mixed-sex spaces is not seeking to divide.

Further, we do not believe we represent a minority view. The growing number of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual groups [2; 3] whose members share our views, would tend to indicate otherwise. We are also contacted frequently by people still too afraid to speak up and/or attend in-person events. Aforementioned authors have variously achieved Sunday Times bestseller status, and shortlisting for the Baillie Gifford prize for non-fiction 2023 – this is not suggestive of a minority view.

“Section 28 was about forbidding any education or promotion of LGBT lives”

Factually incorrect. Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 sought to prohibit the promotion of homosexuality. The law makes no mention of trans or LGBT, only homosexuality. In other words, no people were discriminated against for being trans by Section 28 – only LGB people. Accuracy with language is important.

Local Government Act 1988. Section 28

“Look at the archives. Know your history” 

This is not much use when it is being rewritten. Our history was Gay and Lesbian only and the struggle for each was unique and specific. Bisexuals were added in the 1990s. To present our history as anything otherwise denies the evidence of the onward march of progress. 

A prominent example of the re-writing of our history is the often repeated lie that a  transwoman “threw the first brick” at the Stonewall riots in New York in 1969. The riots actually began when a butch Lesbian, reported by several people to be Stormé DeLarverie was arrested violently by the police and incited the watching crowd by saying “Why don’t you guys do something!”

Fred Sargeant who was present on the night of the first riot, has given his eyewitness account and spoken extensively about the revisionism underway. 

Fred’s own website states his concern that the historical record of the late 60s and early 70s had undergone a significant change that erased the prominent figures and their contributions as well as the primary role of same-sex activism during that period.

Fred was assaulted at a Vermont Pride in 2022 at the age of 74 years old for protesting in support of same-sex rights

Speaking of Archives; The national Lesbian Archives were deposited for safekeeping in the Glasgow Feminist Library. The Archives used to be referenced on the Library’s website and some of the material was on display but at some point recently our Archives were put away and attempts to access them has been refused. A report from the campaign group Scottish Lesbians describes their visit to the Library and the disappointment they felt that the Lesbian Archives were no longer open to Lesbians. 

Are you aware of the Lesbian Archives? Would you lend your voice to a campaign by Lesbians Groups to move the Archives to a new home where their importance and value will be respected and they will be available for Lesbian researchers?

“Our opponents are funded by the far right and are Christian fundamentalists”

This is a lazy, oft repeated line without any evidence proffered – because there isn’t any. There is in fact an independent opposition voice that has nothing to do with far-right groups. We are members of the Labour Party, past and present. We are same-sex attracted females, some of us hold elected positions in the Labour Party and Local Government. In terms of funding, Lesbian Labour, like other Lesbian campaigning groups, have no funding other than that put in by members of our Team and cash collected in buckets at events. 

Neither are the plethora of new women’s rights groups, the LGB Alliance, or the Gay Men’s Network funded by the far right or Christian fundamentalists. Not one shred of evidence had been put forward to support this slur.

You are a long-standing MP, currently the Chair of the National Executive’s Equalities Committee, a woman with power and influence in the Labour Party. A patron of LGBT+Labour, an Affiliated Organisation that has publicly told us that we have a problem with our sexual boundaries. LGBT+Labour apparently no longer supports same-sex attracted homosexuals and, having listened to your speech, we realise neither do you. Many LGB people have said they will not be voting Labour at the General Election because Labour is no longer the party of equality and it has failed to acknowledge the conflict between sex and sexual orientation and gender ideology, a conflict that brings with it rising homophobia and the discrimination against Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals. 

Lesbian Labour and other LGB campaigning groups deserve to be heard by you and the wider Labour Party, we make up over 3% of the population in the UK. If you refuse to listen then many will refuse to vote Labour.


Lesbian Labour


Additional References:


[2] A non-exhaustive list of LGB groups who hold similar values include Lesbian Fightback, The Lesbian Project, Gay Men’s Network, LGB Alliance, Lesbian Strength, and Jenny’s Bar.

[3] The group Scottish Lesbians presented their new report Lesbians Coming Out at Filia 2023 (12th-15th Oct) in Glasgow. It provides a snapshot of contemporary Lesbian lives by means of information gathered through a questionnaire. Strikingly, even though the questions did not mention gender, 82% of Lesbian respondents raised the topic of gender as having a negative impact on their experiences of coming out.


Write to your MP in support of Lesbians, using our template letter!


On the 12th of June, Parliament will hold a debate in response to a petition signed by over 100,000 people, requesting a clarification to the Equality Act 2010 protected characteristic of Sex. Organised by, the petition seeks clarification that Sex in law refers to biological sex and does not include the legal fiction conferred by a gender recognition certificate. This is important for women but especially so for Lesbians, since our same-sex attraction (and its protection thereof) is contingent on sex in law meaning biological sex.

We are concerned that this message will be forgotten in the debate since few are aware that Stonewall, and other large organisations that supposedly speak for Lesbians, now define sexual orientation as same-gender orientation!

Please copy our template letter text below to write to your MP ahead of the debate to bring this to their attention. Do feel free to add your own personal touches. You can find out who your MP is and how to contact them by clicking here

Template letter:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to you as your constituent to draw your attention to an upcoming debate in Westminster Hall on the 12th of June at 4.30 pm, scheduled as a result of a petition, to clarify the definition of the protected characteristic of sex as it appears in the Equality Act 2010. The petition, which was organised by the organisation Sex Matters, attracted more than 100,000 signatories. A counter petition which also reached the debate threshold will be debated at the same time, indicating how many people are concerned about this issue.

The Equality Act defines nine protected characteristics which are all given equal weighting in terms of protection in the law (disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, maternity and pregnancy, religion or belief, race, gender reassignment and marriage or civil partnership).

The importance of sex as a protected characteristic, particularly to women and girls, cannot be overstated. However there is currently a great deal of confusion whether ‘sex’ in law means biological sex solely, or including sex as modified by a Gender Recognition Certificate – which describes the status of transgender people who hold a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC). Clarification will allow for the provision of clear and lawful single-sex services, in scenarios in which sex is the more relevant classifier and not gender. Examples of services or provisions in which sex is a more appropriate classifier than gender is in medical settings or sport. Transgender people are of course protected under the category of gender reassignment, as they rightly should be from any form of discrimination.

The protected characteristic of sexual orientation however is also contingent on the definition of sex as meaning biological, and it is for this reason that I write to you. Lesbian, Gay men and bisexual people all experience same-sex attraction, that is, attraction based upon biological sex, not gender. Gender is not relevant to sexual attraction.

Stonewall has in recent years quietly modified their definition of homosexuality to centre around gender, and not sex. Since they also explicitly include “cross-dressers” under their definition of transgender, this means that many males now self-define as Lesbians. Under this climate, it is impossible for Lesbians to meet and gather openly without men wishing to join or simply disrupt our events.

It is therefore not necessarily automatic that the proposed clarification of sex will protect same-sex attracted people. Lesbians , in the words of Anne Lister ,“Love and only love the fairer sex”. It is unacceptable that they should be forced to include men – indeed it is outright homophobia. Lesbians’ sexual orientation is exclusive of males as it is based upon biological sex.

I therefore urge you as my elected representative at Westminster to attend the debate and consider speaking on behalf of same-sex attracted people –  to explicitly clarify the definition of sexual orientation in law to mean attraction to biological sex.

Yours Sincerely,

Your constituent

Lesbian Labour’s Paula Boulton speaks at Labour Women’s Declaration Fringe Event

This Monday evening (26th Sept) our own Paula Boulton delivered a speech (pictured far right ) on behalf of Labour Lesbians at the Labour Women’s Declaration conference fringe event titled:

“What do women need from the Labour manifesto?”

She spoke alongside Dame Diana Johnson MP, Cllr Nina Killen, Cllr Emina Ibrahim, Judith Green, Karen Ingala Smith and writer Joan Smith in a night that covered a wide range of issues affecting women. Here is Paula preparing her speech the day before.

You can view a pdf copy of her speech HERE and watch her deliver the speech on our youtube channel HERE