Labour Lesbians

Who we are?

We are Lesbians in the Labour Party from across the UK, from all walks of life and a diverse range of ages. Our common cause is the rights of Lesbians in the UK and beyond.

  • We campaign
  • We take action
  • We are active in our branches

My Lesbian journey

‘I lost a job when someone outed me’

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I’m staying unless I’m expelled

‘The last thing on earth I was going to do was become a member of the Labour Party.  They weren’t nearly radical enough for me.’

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On being a Lesbian

“Lesbians are, of necessity, at the heart of this struggle, as we always have been when it comes to
fighting for women’s rights”

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My journey to political activism

I can’t say I grew up caring that much about politics, not like some people. Sure, I’ve (almost) always voted Labour but given the choice, I was always happier to engage in community projects or environmental concerns rather than political activism.

Politics seemed like a place for people with charisma and people skills and me, well I’m better with my hands.

But as a woman and as a Lesbian, you can’t help but become aware of the sexism and homophobia that pervade certain sections of society and our public institutions. It infuses your life.

With that knowledge can come anger – or the desire to get up and do something about it! For who will know how to represent and protect the needs of Lesbians but Lesbians themselves? I’m here to protect the interests of our lesbian community.

I didn’t choose to enter political activism, just like I didn’t choose to be a Lesbian.

– MF (Mar 2021)