Lesbian Activism

We were there…

The author in conversation with Dawn Butler, shadow minister for women

Time to act

In August 2018 I took part in an action against fracking at the Preston New Road shale gas site and was appalled at the level of police violence. I watched as 5 Policemen piled on a woman, who was injured, and held her to the ground.

I was there at Greenham in 1982 when the police rode horses at the women blockading the base.

I was there in 1996 when the striking Dockers in Liverpool staged a sit in and occupied the docks. I saw the hoards of riot police pour out of the vans tooling up as they ran, Batons at the ready, gloves on, riot helmets, absolutely intent on doing damage. 

And I watched online last night as police held a young woman to the ground at a peaceful vigil against male violence.

The list goes on and I could go on – cos right now I am in a state of clear cold anger. Some people say that I am too political. Ask me why I protest.

Well I tell you this – were it not for the Suffragettes having protested I would not have the vote. And we had to fight for the rights we currently enjoy as women and lesbians. Rights which are now under threat.

My Granny was a Suffragette – it is in my blood to resist, to speak up, to speak out. I make no apologies.

Women are rising in ever greater numbers, in ever more creative ways and will not be silenced. It is time for us all to wake up and face the truth and then DO SOMETHING about it.

Sunday 14th March 2021

Di McGregor

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