Lesbians Won’t Wheesht Either!

We are adding our voices to the campaign ‘WomenWontWheesht’ and we are calling on all Lesbians and our ally’s to join in.

We are surrounding the British Isles with the intention to refuse to be silenced. Sheringham, Pembroke, Islay, Great Bernera Outer Hebrides, Edinburgh, Brighton. North, South, East, West have already had the ‘Wheesht’ treatment.

Our beach art, spell casting is taking off…Sheringham, Pembroke, Great Bernara (Outer Hebrides) Islay, Edinburgh, Brighton! Lesbians have been busy all around the British Isles surrounding the island with intent

Renewing our casting every day and brought back every time the tide returns. Reaffirming our collective intention to refuse to be silenced – twice a day!!

Can you join this spell casting call out? We have East, West, North and are waiting for a sister down South to do the same…Australia and Korea have picked it up…earth, air, water fuelled by the fire 🔥 of our passion to speak out. A powerful spell indeed.