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Statement in response to the EHRC intervention

The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s response to the UK Government’s Consultation on conversion therapy and its letter to the Scottish Government about reform of the Gender Recognition Act are a breath of fresh air. The Commission has called for careful and respectful discussion of potential changes to the law and asked all Governments to

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Conversion Therapy Consultation – A Lesbian Perspective

Banning conversion therapy which prevents anyone from attempting to ‘cure’ or change a person’s sexual orientation is welcome news. However, the proposed legislation lumps sexual orientation in with gender identity. These are two very different things which in fact contradict each other in the context of conversion therapy, making this proposed bill unworkable and dangerous.

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What we have been doing to advocate for Lesbians in the Labour Party

Since our inception early this year, we have endeavored to reach out to Party members to make connections and build bridges within the Labour Party. Without much success. The response rate to our emails and messages has appalling, indicating that “no debate” is well and truly in operation across the whole party machinery. What are

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