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On being a Lesbian

The author Lynn Alderson pictured protesting Section 28 in 1986 (top) and during the women’s liberation movement in 1978   I guess I was curious as a teenager, the late sixties were famously explosive about sexual matters. And, like many young people today I was very attracted by androgyny and would have said that what

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Protesting the misreporting of the Lesbian Strength March

Our member, Paula Boulton writes to Diva magazine after inaccurate reporting of the 2019 Lesbian Strength March in leeds   As the MC of the Lesbian Strength March I am appalled at this inaccurate reportage. We held a LESBIAN STRENGTH MARCH and Rally. This tradition has a herstory which many of the 150 Lesbians (I

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I’m staying unless I’m expelled

The last thing on earth I was going to do was become a member of the Labour Party.  They weren’t nearly radical enough for me. I came out as a lesbian in the early 1970s and was part of one of the first Gay Liberation Front groups in the UK, spending exciting evenings thrashing out

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Fighting Misogyny

I moved to Bradford in 1980 and of course was affected by what was happening at the time.  West Yorkshire was a place of fear for women, with unsolved murders by the man we later discovered to be Peter Sutcliffe. We were only too aware of the attitudes to women being demonstrated by those –

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