One More Time…

Having spent many hours trying to communicate with Labour party policy makers since the last manifesto was written, and attempting to educate them, we are disappointed that instead it looks like they will continue to toe the Stonewall line.
If LGBT Labour is anything to go by this is what we can expect to see in the new manifesto:

These are a few reasons why we disagree with them:

Conversion Practice Ban

There is no need for new legislation as current legislation can be used to deal with any conversion practices still happening. However, bringing in a no loopholes ban would potentially criminalise talking therapies which young people access to help sort out their feelings of confusion with how they live in their sexed bodies. We know from the Cass review how commonly young Lesbians in particular ended up on a medical pathway. This is actual conversion practice which would NOT be tackled by your proposals.

Spousal veto

We do not believe Anneliese understands this point. We first contacted her in January 2023 to encourage her to understand that spousal consent would be a more appropriate term.

Jan 23rd 2023

Dear Anneliese…

Can you clarify your objections to the spousal consent part of the GRC process please? I am trying to argue your position and do not have the details.

What I do know is that Trans Widows is a group worth talking to.

The Lesbians I know in marriages where their partner transitions are then effectively left in a heterosexual marriage. Similarly, a heterosexual woman will find herself in a same-sex marriage which she never signed up for either. If they wish to leave the marriage the veto gives them time to annul or dissolve the marriage. Recognising the financial support a woman in a heterosexual marriage with family commitments may continue to need, also needs to be addressed fully.

The spousal exit clause would be a more accurate wording.

One almost invisible impact of transitioning on spouses in the first category is that they find themselves with no support from their erstwhile community once they are considered heterosexual. Their partner, on the other hand, who was Lesbian and part of that community, can continue to receive support in their new identity as Transman.

I wondered if you have come across these points?

Hate Crime Legislation

As proposed, and as has been seen in other countries who have brought in such hate crime laws, rather than protecting Lesbians, this change would mean the law could be used against us when correctly sexing people. We first contacted Keir about this in 2022.

Oct 20th 2022

Dear Keir,

Despite trying for two years we have not been granted a meeting with you. However Pink News seems to have unfettered access. Can you articulate why many Labour members will have been deeply disheartened by your twin announcement at the Pink News Awards that under your leadership LGBT Hate Crimes, including offences such as misgendering, will be treated as  aggravated offences, and that Labour will introduce self ID?
I doubt it as the much promised “Light” on the subject has still not happened.
The manifesto said:

“we are not complacent about the culture shift required to make LGBT+ inclusivity a reality”

So what has actually been done to address the contradictions between self ID and sex-based rights?

What has been done to ensure that sex is not replaced by the nebulous concept of gender identity thereby losing same-sex attracted people our protected characteristic of SEXUAL ORIENTATION?

There has been no impact assessment on how Lesbians would be affected by self ID.

There has been no consultation or debate.

Instead – there is an embedding of gender ideology throughout the party at all levels and with training from Gendered intelligence who brief against the law.

It is not enough to listen to the trans community and then impose their wishes on everyone else.

You have a public sector duty to foster good relations between the protected characteristics.

You have yet again failed in that duty.

Please agree to meet us or at least tell us that you have taken note of our concerns but do not agree.

Then we know where we stand.

We are desperately trying to keep women, especially Lesbians, in the party. We want to believe that you are somehow still ignorant of the issues rather than simply wilfully ignoring our concerns.

When one of our comrades stopped you in the street recently to tell you what is happening to Lesbians you said “Where is this happening?”

Here Keir.

Please arrange to meet us. Or have the decency to answer our letters.

GRA and EA2010

We have been asking for details on how you plan to do this for years. We need you to clarify that sex in EA2010 refers to what was originally intended i.e. birth sex not what is now termed legal sex.

And we need the right to organise as Lesbians protected by sexual orientation AND sex in order for our community to even be able to EXIST.

We say:

Re-affirm the meanings of ‘sex’ and ‘sexual orientation’
Separate sexual orientation from gender identity
Protect all same-sex spaces and provisions
Protect young lesbians from gender ideology