Our response to recent policy shifts

Now Labour policy is committed to retaining a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria as the requirement for obtaining a GRC, where does the party stand on its own policy internally of self id?? There needs now to be a streamlining of the approach to ensure we all live within the law and are no longer dictated to by Stonewall law.

It has been like watching paint dry inching the policy towards this position, 5 years solid slog. But we have arrived at a place which promised to protect safe spaces for women. We weren’t actually asking for much. Just an impact assessment. That’s all. Well made policy which takes everyone into consideration.

Where does this leave us as Lesbians? Well, unfortunately for us there is still a long way to go. As same-sex attracted women in a world and party that believe in the forced teaming of sexual orientation with gender identity we are still invisible.

The APPG on LGBT issues believes it speaks for the community, as does LGBT Labour our affiliated organisation. But none of them include us or our gay brothers.
The party is still on the Stonewall diversity index and receiving training from groups who go along with the redefinition of homoSEXuality to be based on gender identity, not biology.

So do stick around and keep arguing for the end to “no debate”, for the inclusion of same-sex attracted people on all gay panels and organisations, and for the protection of SEXual Orientation as a discrete protected characteristic.

Meanwhile let me remind you that our very existence and culture is based on the autonomous right to assemble and associate with others of our kind. That is not about safety, privacy or dignity. It is about precisely what being women-loving women means.

So does this move to protect safe spaces for women include lesbian spaces?

There is still work to be done.

But for today let’s celebrate.

This post refers to Anneliese Dodds’ recent article in the Guardian