Our Response to the General Election

Lesbian Labour warmly welcomes the results of the 2024 general election with the Labour Party back in government and the Tories soundly routed. We extend our congratulations to the many new Labour MPs and welcome back so many experienced MPs. The task ahead is enormous but we look forward to the rebuilding of the economy to benefit everyone, not just the rich, and the restoration of our health and social services, and so much more.

Lesbian Labour has specific demands of the new Labour Government.

  • The government must clarify the meanings of ‘sex’ and ‘sexual orientation’ with specific reference to the Equality Act 2010. Expert legal advice (such as Michael Foran: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=4740870 ) recommends tightening the definition of sex to mean biological sex. Without this, sexual orientation cannot be legally protected as same-sex attraction. 
  • Consequently, the government must separate sexual orientation from gender identity. We are homosexuals not homogenderals – too often lesbians are told it is transphobic to reject male-to-female transgender people as potential partners. Same-sex attraction is same-sex attraction and biological males cannot be lesbians.
  • Therefore, the government must protect all same-sex spaces and provisions. The right of lesbians to meet, associate, and access services exclusively, free from verbal or physical threats, legal challenge, transgression or trespass must be secured in and by law. Surely, this was the intention when sexual orientation was included in the protected characteristics identified in the Equality Act.
  • Further, the government must protect young lesbians from gender ideology. Recognising and accepting one’s sexuality and presentation, when this varies from heteronormativity, takes courage at any age. For teenagers and young adults it is especially challenging when LGBTQIA+ organisations espouse transition as a route to more comfortable social acceptance. The tragic corollary of this is the growing number of young women, lesbians who are de-transitioning, who are often permanently scarred following ill-advised hormone treatment and radical surgery.
  • In this regard, it is essential that the government implements the recommendations of the Cass Review in full, ensuring that reliable talking therapies enable young people to choose their most appropriate medical pathway and adopting a watchful waiting strategy for teenagers avoiding the irreversible and harmful use of puberty blockers and hormones.

We look forward to working with the new administration to inform understanding of these matters. We welcome Sir Keir Starmer’s publicly stated willingness to meet with us and other women’s organisations. We hope that he and his ministers will heed our demands now they are in government and thus able to issue appropriate guidelines and to legislate accordingly.

Lesbian Labour

June 5, 2024.