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Conversion Therapy Consultation

Banning conversion therapy which prevents anyone from attempting to ‘cure’ or change a person’s sexual orientation is welcome news. However, the proposed legislation lumps sexual orientation in with gender identity, which are clearly very different things.

It is now known that around 80 % of pre-pubertal children will outgrow gender dysphoria and a large number of these tend to be same sex attracted lesbians. However, for any child with gender dysphoria, this proposed bill would make it illegal to question or even explore the possibility of any options other than transition (the experimental ‘affirmation only’ model). We are concerned this will provide young lesbians struggling with gender dysphoria no route back to growing up same sex attracted.

In addition, gender identity has no clear definition and this will lead to confusion in it’s implementation in law. In a legal opinion requested by Transgender Trend and Keira Bell, Jeremy Hyam QC found there was a “substantial risk of unlawfulness” with respect to gender identity.

The consultation has been halved to six weeks and closes on the 10th of December. This is in order to ready the bill in time for next June’s international “Safe to be me: Global Equality Conference”. We are concerned that rushing this consultation could have the unintended effect of creating legislation that is poorly thought through and does not in fact protect against conversion therapy. Please consider submitting a response using the excellent resources at either

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The ‘gender affirmative model,’ or ‘affirmation,’ is an experimental approach towards children and young people with gender dysphoria. Evidence shows that around 80% of pre-pubertal children will outgrow their gender dysphoria and that their most likely sexual orientation in adulthood will be lesbian or gay. Find out more information here.

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